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Are you a good leader?

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Whether somebody has good leadership qualities can only be proven when those need to use them. The leadership qualities that are required to make a good leader can vary in different companies, teams and situations. If somebody has good leadership qualities can nowadays be demonstrated in modern leadership models.

 One modern leadership model is the 4P model.

The four cornerstones of sustainable success in any modern business venture, and a maxim for today's management and organisational philosophy.  'Purpose' is an apt replacement for 'Profit' and thus makes the acronym appropriate for use in not-for-profit organisations.

This model is not a process or technique - it's the character or personality of a good ethical organisation.


The aim of all good modern organisations is to reconcile the organisational purpose (whether this be profit for shareholders, or cost-effective services delivery, in the case of public services) with the needs and feelings of people (staff, customers, suppliers, local communities, stakeholders, etc) with proper consideration for the planet - the world we live in (in terms of sustainability, environment, wildlife, natural resources, our heritage, 'fair trade', other cultures and societies, etc) and at all times acting with probity - encompassing love, integrity, compassion, honesty, and truth. Probity enables the other potentially conflicting aims to be harmonised so that the mix is sustainable, ethical and successful.



Above is one of the modern leadership models displaying the 4 P's in leadership